About the Course

This 6-week live webinar series is based on the main principles from Decisive Intuition, where we break down the 6-steps to accessing and developing your intuitive intelligence. We will take the key principles from the book and personalize each one to activate and deepen your intuition. 

This will be a very supportive, engaging, and experiential learning atmosphere that assists you in developing your intuitive skills and capacity. Our aim is to weave the latest in neuroscience and psychology along with practical applications and exercises between calls to integrate this transformation into your everyday work and life. 

Your Outcomes

In this 6-week webinar series, you will grow your access to your intuitive intelligence by learning to:

→ Identify and locate your specific intuitive language

→ Use practical tools to hack your subconscious

→ Identify and overcome your top obstacles toward living from your intuitive intelligence

→ Practice your intuitive development in a safe and supportive container where we are all on the journey of learning, together

So that you can:

→ Make better choices in the most critical areas of your business

→ Enjoying more fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life

→ Build a deep and trusting relationship with yourself

→ Allow new creativity and innovation to flourish

→ Gain clarity on your most fulfilling purpose and path

→ Be less affected by stress and strong emotional states

→ Improve communication

→ Learn to tune into your environment for more informed decisions